Hello world! This is Papua Bank Website

KaKa LingkarWelcome to PapuaBank.com website. We are here as one of the solutions for developing Papua’s entrepreneurship in the provinces of Papua Barat and West Papua, Indonesia. Later on, we are looking forward to develop our business across the Isle of New Guinea as well as across Melanesia.

This website is part of the PAPUAmandiri.biz (papua self-relience) website where we promote the incubation and development of the Papua’s KaKa Lingkar Kiosks across the Papuan society. The KKlingkar.com Kiosk is the village version of the PAPUAmart.com minimarket that is being developed across the towns in Melanesia region.

PapuaBank.com belongs to the Baliem Arabica Cooperative (KSU BailemArabica.com) based in Wamena, the Highlands of West Papua.

KSU Baliem Arabica was originally formed in 2007 in order to help the highland villagers to organise the business of coffee across the highlands. The first export of the Wamena Organic Arabica Coffee was done in 2009, and afterwards KSU Baliem Arabica has been exporting to various countries around the world.

PapuaBank.com aims at assisting Franchisees and Entrepreneurs in Papua and Papua Barat provinces of Indonesia as well as other parts of Melanesia nation-states to accompany anybody interested in running his/her own business until they become a true businesspersons running own businesses, generating income, contributing to the good and wealth of their surrounding society and nation-states.

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